Hi, I’m Moira

I'm a vegan chef, entrepreneur and long-time advocate of a plant-based diet. I opened Banff, Alberta's first vegetarian restaurant in 1994. I've been feeding people in many ways since. In 2012 I opened Feel Good Guru, an organic raw vegan takeout on Queen St West in Toronto which evolved into a large-scale plant-powered corporate catering company.

There's nothing I love more than being able to help people reach their wellness goals, whether it be to lose a few pounds, gain more energy, kick the sugar habit or learn how to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey in our seasonal "Feel Good Fast" reset or in your customized private coaching program.

Each time I do "Feel Good Fast" myself I am reminded how food is medicine, how what we eat really does transform our bodies, our minds, our energy and the planet.

Favourite Recipes

"The nut cheese, and the use of rice and beans as a base with whatever is available. Avocados are my favorite and saved me from feeling hungry."

Favourite Recipes

"Raw lasagna, all soup recipes, cashew cheese (my 7-yr-old loves it), hummus (not sure why I never made it before!), pesto, rice & lentil burgers!"

Favourite Recipes

"Really liked the recipes that you could mix up and have handy for future use like hummus, pesto, nut cheese etc. Very tasty and useful!"    

Louise Pollard, producer

Just finished my 21-day Feel Good Fast - thank you Feel Good Guru for kickstarting my wellness at the beginning of the year!

I urge anyone contemplating a lifestyle change to check out this wonderful program. I've got increased energy, clarity & an overall feeling of lightness. I was never hungry! Each day was a delightful new culinary adventure for me as I'm not a vegan & surprisingly I did not crave any other foods.  It's a fantastic investment in overall wellness. Thank you to Moira & the team at Feel Good Guru for providing me with the best gift!

Patrick J Adams, actor

Moira and the rest of the Feel Good Guru team saved my life. While working in Toronto I find myself crushed for time and usually unable to feed myself anything but take out that was starting to really take a toll on my energy levels and overall health. Moira changed all of that. All of a sudden I had bi weekly deliveries of some of the freshest and, most importantly, delicious food that kept me feeling strong, healthy and ready for whatever came next. So grateful for Moira and everything she does.

Sandy E, client

Hi Moira, I wanted to let you know that already on day 13 I'm feeling incredible! Had to power through first few days but so glad I did. I've lost an inch around my waist and my morning energy has returned. I had been finding it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings and brain foggy all day. Feeling clear-headed and ready to take on week 3! I'm not craving junk food and sugary snacks anymore and recognize the energy and life force of clean unprocessed foods. This is going to be a game changer for me on the go-forward. Thank you for your guidance!